Sunday, January 27, 2019

Melancholy Baby - Art and Life

I'm trying to find a better naming convention for my posts so that those of you who come by to read or look at fashion can choose what posts to look at more easily. If you're not interested in me wittering on about myself then you can skip the Art and Life posts I guess. But you'd be missing out.


Shortly after the first of the year, there was quite a lot of drama in my second life. I won't go into it in a lot of detail, but suffice to say it has left me feeling blue and sad and tired. I am also susceptible to seasonal affective disorder and that has made me also sad and blue and tired. I found myself wanting to express that through second life photograph and these photos are the outcome.

The backdrop is an absolutely wonderful (imho) skybox set by Milk Motion, currently at Collabor88 through February 6, 2019. The Loft skybox set comes inclusive in a very reasonably priced skybox with vines, lights, build, rain and more or in pieces if you prefer.

The minute I saw this build, I knew it was perfect for my moody feelings.

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Foxcity poses and I went looking for a pose set from them which might also help me express the feelings and emotions I felt inside. I found this "Melancholy" pose set from the brand and it was perfect for what I wanted. You can snag it here from marketplace.

As for my outfit, I'll be doing a Fashion post for that soon and will add the link here when I do. My dress is by Pink Cream Pie, jewelry by Earthtones, Swallow, Amala and MarmaladeGirlNy. Hair is by Monso.

I've been so sad lately, but I keep breathing. I keep moving. I keep hoping. I keep praying. Sometimes it seems as if I'm slogging my way through mud, through rain and wind. But I'm still here. There's still love in the world, in my world, and that's reason enough for me.

I used brushes to enhance the rain effects because it didn't quite come through in still photography. I used one of Satomi's windlight settings as well as one of Foxcity's skinfx add ons to achieve the lighting and look I wanted. I believe it was from volume II but truthfully I don't remember.

Thanks for reading. ♥ Lovely

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Just an Outfit! 001

 So it turns out, if you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, you have to well, blog. And I have been very lackadaisical about doing that. And one of my resolutions is to be better at that. I find it hard to believe I could have that many followers or whatever but I know you don't get there if you don't put the first foot forward. So here's my resolution to blog more seriously in this new year of ours.

I want to do a lot more outfit, look of the day type posts so that's what I'm starting with today and I also did something I haven't really done before which was to create a little scene for my pictures. Credits for the decor items are included below with everything else.

So here is my outfit, here I am world etc etc.

The dress I am sporting comes with the scarf which does not have to be worn though I love it. It also includes a hud for the scarf, the buttons on the dress and the panties which come with it. (You can turn those off if you're feeling frisky.)

Also, this dress was on sale at Cosmopolitan for their Hello Tuesday event this past week for half off so if you hurry you may be able to pick it up before it's gone or the price changes.

I am wearing some of my favorite boots ever with this dress which are by Candy Doll. They were released around Halloween time but I wear them all the time. I bought the dark fatpack and it came with a hud for metals, the platform, the boots, the straps and so on. I thought the black color went great and picked up the same black I chose for my scarf.

And the view from behind in this dress is just as enchanting as the front. :)

These next shots are mostly kinda vanity though you can also get a good look at this wonderful "Glam" hair by Lamb currently available at c88. I'm also wearing Norma necklaces by Supernatural.

I'm using a stool with poses I picked up at pose fair by DS'ELLES. It comes with  8 static poses that I thought were rather unique and different.

Really love this one :)

So artsy :)

Other poses used are by Foxcity and Belleposes. ♥

Body - Maitreya Lara 4.1
Head - Chloe II by Lelutka
Eyes - Inka mesh eyes by S0ng in Unicorn (I really wish she'd make omega appliers)
Skin - Denice by Deetalez for Lelutka heads
Shape - Chloe shape from a skin I have from glam affair much modified
Nails - #Empire mesh nails - stiletto medium
Ears - Magic Pixie mesh ears by Swallow

This look:
Hair - Lamb Glam in Light Blondes (currently @Collabor88)
Dress - Vision Yvonne Dress #15 includes scarf shown (currently at their shop on Cosmopolitan)
Boots - CandyDoll_ Clauida Boots - Dark Colors

Eyeshadow - Izzie's Holo Eyeshadows 
Lipstick - Dazzle Me lipstick set by Pink Fuel
Lashes - Euphoric Mathilda lashes
Hairbase - Essential Hairbase Set 04 by Just Magnetized
Nail Polish - Shimmerz Polish by Zoz (this was a christmas? gift at cosmo)
Tattoo - Self Love by Pichi

Necklace set - Norma by Supernatural
Hand Bracelet - Robyn by Amala
Bracelet/Ring set - Naughty Kitten by Avaway

Earrings - Melissa by Avaway

Solid black walls were something I built using some old textures called Shaded Basics. I don't think the creator is in sl any more. I've had those textures forever.
Bird of Paradise plant by hive, I tinted the pot darker
Elephant ear plant by Dust Bunny again I tinted the pot darker
Pendant hanging lights by fable (only on mp now)
Eclectic standing mirror by llorisen, blue (tinted black)
Rameu bowl of roses , Fancy Decor
Ophelia candlestick, tall and short by Granola
Boho rug by Scarlet Creative for Epiphany

Below is a quick snap of how it looks without me in it. I love potted plants and mirrors and I also wanted to pick up some of the same red tones as are in the dress.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

I'm A Unicorn aka No Fancy Windlight Day

I wanted to do some shots showing that you can get perfectly credible if not perhaps the most artsy of shots without using Windlight at all. For general day to day wandering around the grid, I don't really bother with Windlight other than basic shaders. Recently my laptop has been overheating some and I don't need to aggravate that problem by using ultra settings all the time. Sure ultra is very pretty and windlight is amazing for photos but it's just too hard on my comp for every day use.  And sometimes I just don't want to take 30 minutes or more trying to get just the right windlight settings.

So, I took some shots of myself in a cute outfit with just Basic Shaders on and then did some post processing work on them. Probably didn't really save myself any time, but oh well, hehe.

Ever since Lelutka updated some of their heads, I finally invested in a Lelutka head. I'm wearing Chloe. I really like my shape/look in this head - it's a bit more mature I think than some of my other heads/looks and perhaps more classically "looks like a model". In general I tend to favor a cuter sort of look, or as Ash says "girl next door" kind of appearaince so this is a change for me.

I've been fiddling with different skins and so on and right now I really love this one by YS & YS. It's the Kiki skin applier and I was really impressed with what you get in the applier, several eyebrow shades, several shadows and lipsticks as well as moles and blush combinations.  I've been wearing the eyeshadow from the skin ever since I bought it as it's just the right amount of shadow for me.

There's something serious and mysterious about my avatar's face in this head, even when I'm doing a rather cute pose. I liked the contrast and didn't even try doing a cuter expression lol.

This sweatershirt is the reason for the title of the post. I love the front and how cute it is. I did slip on a pair of shorts with it though I'm sure it would be fine without. Don't forget your undies though!

Here's the full length look, I'm wearing Iberis thigh high footwear from #Empire and used their generous hud to echo the pink and white of the sweater.

I am absolutely in love with this new hair by Truth, the Mitzi hair. It's so chic and just the right length between really short and my usual super long do. You also get styling options for the bangs and side hair. You can ether swoop the bangs over or let them fall gently like I have it, and the side can either be tucked behind like this or in front. Amazing job, Truth.

You are probably wondering what I did in post editing. There's some things I didn't try to fix like the way my choker is a bit sideways in the shot above. Yeah I could fix that or change how it fitted before I shot the photo but I think sometimes there's a real push to be too perfect on blog pictures. Perfection is all very well, but at some point, we need to see how the garment really looks. And unfortunately, sometimes necklaces go caterwonky.

So, otherwise, a lot of what I did , I've been doing for years. I sharpened things up, smoothed things out, did some blending to adjust the lighting and color, added some burn tool shadows. That's about it really. Just a little, not even that much.

And for comparison's sake, here's a photo taken the same day, within 20 minutes of the others with full windlight and so on going on.

As you can see, you get a lot more mood and "atmosphere" with windlight than without. As always your mileage may vary.

Here's the credits!

Body - Maitreya Lara 4.1
Shape - Glam Affair Chloe II (comes with the full purchase of the skin) modified heavily.
Head - Lelutka Chloe
Skin: YS & YS - Kiki tone 2 and matching body applier
Eyes: S0ng Inka mesh eyes in Unicorn
Ears: Magic Pixie ears by Swallow 
Hair: Mitzi hair by Truth in Selection (light blond)

Sweatershirt Fatpack by Seniha
Parker Shorts by Mooh!
Iberis Heels by #Empire

The Robyn Hand bracelet by Amala
Love You Bento rings by Spotcat
Elegant Heart Choker V2 - Pink Opal/Pink/Steel by Zuri's Jewelry
Dangle Heart Earrings - Pink Opal/Pink/Steel by Zuri's Jewelry
Noa Necklace set by AvaWay

Lipstick - Dazzle by Pink Fuel for Lelutka
Nail Polish - Pink Winter by Alme
Hairbase for Truth by Izzie's

Mesh Nails by #Empire
Stripper Dust by Cynful

My backdrop is part of the Kardashia backdrop by Minimal currently @ The Men's Department
All poses are by Foxcity, assorted I couldn't tell you which ones lol, but all of theirs are great!

Monday, December 10, 2018

No Post Editing Day!

I'm getting ready to take some photos of my sister which are intended for a very special reason. So I have been toying with windlights, with foxcity's skin fx and with other things trying to see what kind of results I can get that I can show to her and say this is something we can do. :)

I am using ultra settings, foxcity poses, foxcity skinfx and lots of patience here. The backdrop is the Kardashia backdrop currently available at TMD with added furniture and decor. In 003 you can see the Haldis tapestry by Trompe Loeil. In that tapestry she gives you the free ao map so you can make your own textures, which I did for this.

I am also wearing Evelina rare colours and ombres from Epiphany Dec 2018 and included lighted head dress. My head is Chloe updated by Lelutka with Chloe II appliers by Glam Affair with appliers by Izzie's (Baby hair hairbase) by Pink Fuel (sugar rush eyeshadows) and by Euphoric (Cora Beauty set for Lelutka) with eyelash appliers by Michan (Roma)

My ears which you can't really see are the Magic Pixie ears by Swallow and jewelry is the Tannenbaum set by Cae.

My clothes are all blueberry, the new Reignberry cardigan and scarf with the Radiance dress layered underneath. I am wearing the RARE Machiko boots by Breathe from Dec 2018 Epiphany though again you can't really see them.

Finally the snowflake effect is by Cole's Corner - the Snowdaze set. It was recently sold at Access (Nov/Dec round) so I expect they will be in the main store soon (made by Colemarie Soleil) You get four colors of snowflake in the set, white, pink, blue and green.

Please note the gorgeous natural shadows I'm getting  on this which was the point.

Another variation.

Please note again I am wearing a special lighting add on to help get the look I want. No post processing was done on these other than to crop and rename.

Yet another variation :)

Thanks for reading, click the pic to see in larger size <3

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Gratitude - The Ye Olde Thanskgiving Post

I know, I know, Thanksgiving in the US has come and gone. I ran out of time and chose being with people I love over writing about them. But, now I have a minute to sit down and get my thoughts together.

It's no secret that I believe manners are one of most crucial things we can do for each other. Hate or love or be completely neutral... we can still be polite. Use please and thank you. Wait our turn. Not chew with our mouths open and such.

And part of that is the simple words, "Thank You." Thanks for that compliment. Thanks for that little bit of help. Thanks for showing appreciation. I probably say thank you a dozen times a day at least.

According to most dictionaries gratitude means the above. Thankful appreciation for kindness, for favors or benefits received. That works for me.

You may be wondering, well what are you so thankful for this year? It's true that there's some problems in my real life, some looming large on my personal horizon. But they are not things I can do much about, as they have to do with choices made by others that I have to depend on in part for my living conditions and whatnot. I'm disabled, in chronic pain and sometimes I feel like a package more than a person, just moved around almost as an afterthought.

But that's okay. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a warm blanket to lay under and my gazillion meds provided. I'm far better off than most. So I'm grateful for that to start with. For now at least I'm not worried about the necessities of life. That's a big thing on it's own and no matter my hardships, I'm grateful.

I'm grateful to have second life, where I walk and dance and shop til I drop and laugh til I'm sore some times. I forget about my pain. I forget about things I'm worried about. I am free to just be myself.

I am grateful to have found people who make me smile on the daily. Who hug me when I'm hurt or just because. Who listen to my silly stories and make me laugh with their own. Who let me be part of their lives every day.

I'm grateful to be accepted as myself, emotional, passionate, fierce, silly, playful and ridiculous, and loved for those things about me.

The difference between this thanksgiving and last could not be more marked. Last year I felt lonely, abandoned, lost, quiet, unsure, worried, frightened. So many scary feelings.

This year I felt included, loved, protected, happy, safe, and many times joyful. I owe this difference to the dear people in my sl.

Aisling Landar
Dame Roxan
Sin Roxan
Brian Rhodes-Lescher
Dresden Rhodes-Lescher
Kaid Hawker

I have no words to express the difference you have made to me. I only hope you know you are dearer and more precious to me than any diamonds ever could be. May you be blessed in your lives as you bless mine.

No formal credits today cause that's not the point and I'm emotional.

I am wearing new Blueberry clothing, hat hair by No_Match, jewelry by RealEvil, Swallow, Amala, and MarmaladeNy. Boots are a group gift by N-Core.

I hope you all had a lovely warm and thankful Thanskgiving. ♥

Friday, November 16, 2018

Moody November

This time of year always is hard for me. While everyone else is rushing about planning things with family irl,  I am usually on my own. Don't get me wrong, a lot of times I prefer being on my own.. .but holiday time with Thanksgiving and Christmas etc always seems especially or extra solitary.

On top of that my body hates the cold weather and my brain hates the lack of sunlight and well I'm a moody and sometimes even downright tearful person. I'm lonely... which, I have lovely sl family that I love a lot but... there's still this... hollow feeling if I let myself think about it very long. It'd be nice to ring in the new year with someone special, you know?

But anyway... I landed on a sim that had rain and the rain suited my mood. However, it was a shopping sim so getting some good rainy photographs that didn't have vendors in the background proved to be more difficult than I hoped.

So I headed over to Luane's World  where she has a lot of great landscaping, posed items and such and wandered around until I found this bench and a beautiful angel statue.

The idea of it, of an angel watching over appealed to me and comforted me at the same time. So I started taking pictures, doing my best to get a misty and wistful ambience going. It wasn't rain, but it was still moody and gray and comforting.

I couldn't help but think a bit of that Sarah McLachlan song - Angel. "You're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here." No, I'm not thinking about dying per se, but I do suffer from pretty dark depression sometimes.

I especially liked this shot with me looking up at the angel's face, forming a heart behind me. Because yes, I do still believe in love, Forever. Always.

Shine a little light on me please. Just a pretty and atmospheric shot, imho.

And last but not least a face shot. Are my eyes like an angels? You be the judge. ♥



Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1 with bento hands and tiptoe feet
Head - Catwa Lona Head with rigged eyes
Hair - Zelda by Lamb
Eyes - Cecile beauty set for Lookbook by Euphoric

Top - Vaxer Connie outfit 
Skirt - Blueberry Penny Skirt Ocean
Shoes - Reign Mia Stilletos currently @ Equal10  really like these shoes, just wish they had separate texture change for the cute lacings on the back, you get 3 metals, 3 soles and 25 colors!

Shadow - Fall Eyeshadows by Izzie's currently available @ The Liaison Collaborative
Lipstick - Stolen Kisses for Catwa by Shiny Stuffs - currently @ Anybody
Hairbase - Essential hairbase 4 by Just Magnetized
Nail Polish - Spiced Cider Fatpack by Koffin Nails

Nails - Empire Medium Stilleto nails.
Choker & Necklace - Kibitz - Lucrecia Silver
Rings - Spotcat Amore Rings currently @ the Tres Chic event (note I sometimes have a problem getting the hud to work but it may be I'm just too impatient lol)
Bracelets - Aurora Bracelets by Real Evil Industries

My poses are various choices from Foxcity (love their poses and backdrops)

Windlight settings were from Trinetty and Alchemy Immortalis.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Of Juiciness & Sisters

My sisters and our family did some fun things this past weekend as a family, a party, a halloween haunt and lots of shopping. All of us were not there at all times and of course I missed the Rhodes-Lescher side, but it was an amazing time over all.

At one point my sister Ash and I found ourselves alone, always dangerous (lol) and we were at the vanity sim. Our conversation went like this...

Me: Oh, I love that jumpsuit, but I'm afraid it's going to make my butt look enormous.
Ash: Oh , I bought that. I thought the same thing. But people can just enjoy my juiciness.
Me: That's good enough for me *buys*.

So, that's how I ended up in this jumpsuit by Scandalize. It really is awesome. You get two versions with sleeves or without, and ombre or plain. And those strings, let's just say they were popular. Ahem.

The black has pink! ombre so of course I had to buy that color. This is just at my home land, nothing special, The deck is part of a house by L2 Studios. If you have not been there looking for builds, go now, do not pass go, do not collect 200 bucks.

The gazebo you see a piece of there is by Atelier Visconti

The shop for AV happens to be right next to Wasabi hair so if you land at the  hair store, go right or follow the beacon to get there.

The chaise and umbrella in the background is by Chez Moi, one of my favorite "couple" furniture shops.

The planters are by Ariskea and the window boxes you can barely glimpse are by Myth. I tend to mix and match and I'm sorry to say that the pool and deck hadn't had time to fully rez and I didn't notice, blah, eep! Trust me when I say it's awesome.

Now back to the jumpsuit!

Did I say amazing, because yes amazing. Girl look how good this looks!

I am wearing the new Truth group gift "Batty" with this and the Lucy Choker necklace from Kunst and I put on a nice pair of high plats  and I was good to go.

This is just gratuitous cleavage now, lol, sorry not sorry.  The plants to my right are from Hive and the Deck and pool with chairs you can now see properly is from Trompe Loeil

And no I did not take any booty shots! Wow I am failiing a bit at this blogger gig. One last shot of my face because I like my face. Also you can see the choker in a little bit more detail as well.

Oh well, hope you enjoy the pictures anyway, Full details below!

Body - Maitreya Lara 4.1 with bento hands
Head - Catwa Lona head.
Shape - Lilo's fit -Lucia for Lona - modified by me (please note, this shop does not *usually* offer demos)
Eyes - Avi-Glam Prestige eyes in Lavender
 Ears - LeGene - Dreamy Unicorn
Hair - Truth - VIP gift Batty

Eyeshadow - I had changed heads and I cannot recall the name of this makeup. I have combed my inventory trying to find it and no luck. If you recognize it, if it's yours, please let me know so I can credit you . (Lovely Ohmai in world)
Lipstick - Starlit by LuxRebel for Catwa
Hairbase - Slay Baby by Just Magnetized for Catwa
Skin - Sybil by  Glam Affair for Catwa tone 006
Nail Polish - Classic Glitter Pro Palette by Cazimi

Choker - Lucy Choker by Kunst (part of sale a palooza and matching earrings are also available)
 Rings - (I know you can't really see them but in the interest of completeness) Free Spirit Rings (Maitreya) by Yummy
Hand Bracelet - Amala - The Robyn Hand Bracelet
Shoes - Ramona by Fashion Addict

Outfit is currently available at this round of the Vanity event, run and get it!

Thanks for reading! Poses by Foxcity!

Monday, October 8, 2018


Recently, I've had cause to count my blessings. In real life, I'm with a house mate who suffers from npd (narcissistic personality disorder) is a trial to the heart and soul. Over the years, I've read a lot on the subject and sadly, it isn't even their fault in the end. A pernicious circumstance of feast or famine, love or rejection is believed to be the cause of this disorder.And worse, it's virtually impossible to treat since the sufferer can't comprehend the possibility that he  or she needs therapy in the first place.

So, I've had days of deep crying screaming fits where I said going to jail would be better than this.

It's tough to be even slightly dependent on someone who views you as the millstone around their neck.

But, and it's a big giant BUT.

The family I have found in SL gives me so much happiness, and a sense of warmth and confidence I have not felt in a long time. I used to look at other families with envy and yearning, wistfulness.

But now I have that. I'm so grateful to my precious Roxan sisters, Dame and  Ash, to my equally precious brother in law Sin, to my darling Rhodes-Lescher brothers Dresden and Brian and to my sweetest Rhodes-Lescher sister Lessa. Your constant love, companionship and support help me keep going every day.   You're such amazing people and I am privileged to be among you.

I won't say every day is just sunshine and stars. But it's worth getting through the bad days to get to the good ones.  I've had low points where I wondered why I was still waking up every day. I won't front and pretend it's all peachy. If you know me well, you know I have bad days physically and mentally. But  have good ones to... and those make up for a lot.

This past weekend was two whole days of good. Because of you. ♥

This is nothing but a quick gyazo snap of us, myself, my sister Dame and my sister Ash. I love you girls. Roxan Family Inc!

Over the weekend, I dressed up as a witch in my own very unique way. Pink Witch wins. Another simple gyazo snap.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Boudoir Bunny

This post has been sitting unposted for ages because I was going to add all the links etc, but since it's been so long that seems a bit redundant to me, so I'm just gonna post it as is, I guess. Enjoy. <3

When I came back to sl, I wanted to do some boudoir shots on my profile. At the time, I guess I had forgotten how many people in SL seem to merely want to pixel poke and nothing more. I *was* interested in attracting a particular kind of person but... like a lot of things right now, I've sort of given up on that. What will be, will be.

But, I still like doing some shots and putting them in my profile or blog or whatever. Please bear in mind that a sexy photo, is just that, a sexy photo. People tend to infer or assume a lot based on very little info. Don't.

These photos are called Boudoir Bunny because of the cute bunny ear chair with poses I'm using. The chair is made by Purple Poses and all poses used are contained within it.

The backdrop is called Boudoir Lights and  is by FoxCity. It comes with a hud to change it to four different colors. Note that the backdrop started out white but with windlight and editing it ended up more blue.

My sexy outfit is made by Elegance and I picked it up a week or two ago at their shop on the Cosmo sim for Hello Tuesday.  I found it unique and different and went perfectly with this gorgeous tattoo by Arabic tattoos. (more info below)

Please note I did have to do some photoshop magic around the hip thigh area because of the pose but that's negligible :)

My hair is the beautiful King hair now out at Collaborr88 by Little Bones. I think this hair is simply so lovely and realistic.  My one caveat is that I wish Nova would do a non roots version as I don't particularly care for that darkened bit and it makes it harder also to tint your hair base. Ymmv.

Above is a front view of this sexy little lingerie outfit and you can see I've paired it with the Mandevilla sandals by Empire. I am such a fan of these sexy shoes with their gemstone decorations :) Also I love how nice this pose is which can be as discreet or naughty as you choose and woked well with my avatar arms/hands too.

Another really well done pose in this chair, I just had to adjust my position in the chair slightly to get my arms situated properly and that was it. You can see here that I'm wearing a beautiful birthstone choker from Amala with this along with my usual Cindy Armlets, Drih Bracelets and Spotcat rings. (see below for slurls etc)

I wanted to do classy and even elegant boudoir pics so I'm not showing anything too risque but I like the suggestive ness of this shot, especially with the "lip bite" mocap from the Laq hud to accentuate the look.

This last one, I ended up not liking the shot I'd taken as a full body or 3/4 body shot so I just made it a close up. Love how the bunny ears on the chair come up behind me almost like wings and the expression I managed to capture on my avatar. All details below :) Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Be A Unicorn Princess...

Some days there's just no other choice but to be a Unicorn Princess. These are just some quick snaps I did in an outfit and with poses from The Imaginarium Gacha. These are just in my Turnip's Sky Dome, nothing fancy. I'll write in the credits later.

This cute top and pants are common prizes in the Unicorn pj gacha. I threw on a unicorn head piece and some sparkly makeup from Shiny Stuffs and voila.

The first picture above was taken with my Girly AO from Semotion but this one was taken using poses from the K & S gacha.

and these are two slightly different views of another pose from the same gacha.

My flower tattoos are by Pichi,

I've been struggling a lot with depression and anxiety lately. Messing around dressing up helped some.  My hair is by Phoenix hair, more later.

Monday, August 27, 2018

LaQ Sandy Bento Head - Tropical Glow time

I've been wearing the Catwa Lona head for a long time now, practically since it came out which I am sure is longer than a year ago. When I came back to sl, I got a new shape, new skin etcetera for it and that was my makeover. However, I do like to change looks from time to time but I find that 5k pop every time with Catwa to be prohibitive. I'm disabled irl and on a fixed income and sometimes that 20 bucks real life is hard to come by.

So, I started considering LaQ heads a while ago though I hadn't seen the right head for me yet. I did go ahead and buy the hud when it was on sale just to have it when the time came. If you don't know, LaQ has a great system where you purchase the hud one time and it works with any of their bento heads. I like this also because it means things like your preset colors for hair base are universal from head to head, even makeup looks and animations are saved and can be used on any head. The heads themselves are only 1500L which is a much less painful pill to swallow.

So enter Sandy. She's a recent release from last month's Uber and now in the store both skin and head.

I'm wearing the Sandy skin applier with the Sandy head and the brand new NextGen body appliers. I couldn't be happier with the result! In my humble opinion, I think she's absolutely beautiful and makes me look beautiful too.

Unlike other heads, LaQ heads work with system eyes and have a unique eye fx to give your eyes and face more life. I ran right over to pick up new eyes from Ikon in my trademark purple to wear with this.

I'm wearing lipstick by Pink Fuel made for LaQ heads (size B) in the Sparkle and Shine set. And eyeshadow by Izzie's also made for LaQ heads. My hair base is by Siiix called Yemenese. The omega version worked perfectly for me.

My eyelashes are also by LaQ, the Glam02 lashes available at the main store.

I am wearing a shape by West End called Sarah made for the Sandy head. I've tweaked it quite a bit for my own aesthetic but I couldn't have gotten this look without that starting point. ♥

My absolutely beautiful hair s by Phoenix hair. It's called Mishon and is the new release for Fameshed Go. I really love these big beautiful curls. ♥

Now on to the rest of what I'm wearing. I've been a fan of Scandalize for some time, their designs are often fresh and unique and sexy and the color palette is varied and vibrant. I buy fatpacks as much as possible, that's how much I love this brand's clothing. Also the group gifts are very generous and always stunning.

This dress really is a great example of the quality you can expect with Scandalize. I wear Maitreya body and I couldn't ask for a more smooth and perfect fit, yet I could still wear a mesh panty underneath it without it showing through. The patterned studs on the smooth dress texture is really amazing and as I said above the color palette is wonderful.  Here's a look at the full length dress and shoes.

Girl look at my booty! Like I said the fit is wonderful and look at how smooth the patterning of studs is over the surface of the dress in both pictures. The silhouette and style of the dress is also very flattering.

I'm also wearing the matching Diamande shoes, you can get both at the new round of Shiny Shabby. Below is a better look at the shoes which again fit perfectly and are made beautifully.

Finally, as usual, I am maxed out on jewelry so I'll start from the bottom and work my way up. I'm wearing a butterfly anklet on both sides by Avaway. On my hands is a ring set by SpotCat and bracelets by Supernatural.

My armlets are also by Avaway and are called Cindy. My necklace and earrings are by Zuri's Jewels and I splurged on the elite set v3 since opals are my birthstone. I'm weairng the magic pixie ears and bindi by Swallow. Lastly my nail appliers are by Cazimi. I really enjoy these and have several appliers from this brand, the colors are great and their nail pack comes with several appliers all packaged together so I can apply omega to my Empire coffin nails and maitreya to my toes all from the same folder.

The little twinkle you see on my body is my Stripper Dust by Cynful. I love it, sparkles on my body <3

For those of you who just want the deets and the slurls, see below :)

Head - LaQ Sandy head worn with Sandy face appliers and new NextGen body appliers for Maitreya.
Body - Maitreya Lara with included bento hands and high feet.4.1
Shape - Sarah by West End for Laq Sandy head, edited by me.
Hair - Mishon by Phoenix Hair for Fameshed Go August round.
Eyes - System eyes by Ikon in Odyssey series - Darkstar.

Dress - Diamande by Scandalize for Shiny Shabby August round
Shoes - same as above.

Ears - Magic Pixie by Swallow
Bindi and piercings (Jahanara) by Swallow -
Necklace and earrings - Spellbound V3 Elite by Zuri's Jewelry
Armlets - Cindy and Anklets - Butterfly by Avaway Jewelry
Bracelets - Drih Silver by Supernatural
Bento rings - Nightlife by Spotcat
Coffin nails - Medium Maitreya by Empire

Lashes - Glam02 by LaQ
Lipstick - Sparkle & Shine B size by Pink Fuel
Eyeshadow - Spring Eyeshadow by Izzie's for Laq (and other heads too)
Hairbase - Yemenese by Siix on mp
Nail appliers by Cazimi, and I'm sorry I forgot which applier set, I think this is Picture Perfect.

My backdrop is by Mons, one of their beautiful 3d backdrops - Leaf Photoshoot Decor Spring. I also put this on the ground so it would look like I was standing on or at least amongst same leaves.

My poses are all by BellePoses though I didn't write down which ones. They are all great just go look!

I uses Tillie's Pose Stand and hud.  And my windlight was one by Satomi Masukami. There are tons of windlight settings to download if you look, I wanted a bright warm look and used ultra settings to take these photos.

You can click each pic for a larger view or if you prefer you can check out my flickr.

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